.ME Domain bidding getting a little too nuts.

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I registered 20 .ME domain names and 19 out
of 20 went to auction. I'm a little shocked at
what some of these are selling for.

The highest I've bid one one was for over
$1K, and that was days ago and the thing is
now past $4K.

Anyone scooping up some good names?

Anyone winning some auctions?
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    I can't believe they're still auctioning them!

    I lost every single one I bid on. So I think GoDaddy is making a killing.

    Watch them follow this same strategy (new tld) every year to boost their bottom line.
    • Profile picture of the author Texas_Guns
      No worries - GoDaddy will refund you all of your
      money if you lose the auctions.

      I emailed them the other day and asked about

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