I need as many JV's as I can get...help!

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Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Basically, I have about 3 weeks to make at least a few thousand dollars. This isn't much of a problem, I just need to set up as many joint ventures as possible, preferably with top marketers. I have some connections but as you all know, most proficient internet marketers are very busy and in this short time frame it will be cumbersome.

All JV partners need to do is tell their subscribers / contact base about my huge permanent giveaway site using a special link and then they make $48.50 for each sale of my $97 special offer. Plus they still get credited if the sale is made later on.

The whole thing is very easy since it's free and who can refuse free stuff to help them out?...However I am at a loss for deciding on the best methods for getting this done in three weeks. On the upside, I have a friend importer like MySpace does so people can invite their entire contacts list at once, so I could potentially get millions of visitors just from that. I just need a good chunk of initial traffic, preferably traffic that has been referred by someone they know and trust.

How should I go about this? There's the usual way of emailing random webmasters, which I intend to do to a certain extent. Then my "people in the know" are going to try and set me up, but you can never know what will happen. May be a few super affiliates with huge lists, but I'm not counting on that.

Let me know any ideas you can come up with, or better yet, proven strategies for constricted situations like this.
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    Here's a few ways. There's thousands of ways to find affiliates and JV partners however.

    First, go to Google, type in keywords related to your product and find the top sites. Find their contact email and contact them.

    Second, go to Clickbank.com, go to the Marketplace and find vendors selling products similar to yours. Contact them.

    Third, go to EzineArticles.com Read articles in your niche and follow the resource box links. Find the contact emails of the sites and email them.

    Fourth, network with people you know working in your niche. Ask them to spread your name and contact info to other people working in your niche.
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    Yeah, becoming friends is always a better dynamic. I know that firsthand and it has benefited me enormously. But when I'm contacting hundreds of webmasters, I don't exactly have the time to be all buddy-buddy, at least not in the waiting to hear their casual reply a few times before I mention my offer. I think it's better to save that for the bigger fish. Maybe I could also mention I could feature their products on my site in addition to them making commissions.
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      Hi, finding JV partners is really an art.

      It is in fact building trust and relationship and needs time.

      The gurus have lots on their plates and are really busy.

      If someone, most likely a stranger approaches them for JV, it seldom works.

      For me, what works is I got referred by friend who know friends.

      Again, there must be some sense in credibility and track record in you which makes your friend feels good about referring you to their friends.

      It is like tell-a-friend script working offline =)

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    Hey -

    If you only have 3 weeks you need all the help you can get...

    All the points made so far here and scores more are in the 800+ pages of my "First Contact Secrets" product, the original and still the best JV product on the market.

    43 international marketers each have a chapter and they teach you how to start and build relationships, and exactly how to do JVs with the top marketers you know [and some are prominent Warriors you trust, too]... and they also teach you how to contact anyone at any time for any reason to get it all going...

    At my site, the printed version and bonuses are $497.

    My WSO on the old WF Forum site which will be active for a few more days is $47 for the PDF version [about 90% off for Warriors only.]

    The URL to the WSO is The Warrior Forum - Contact ANYONE - The Ultimate JV Manual - 90% off! if you're interested...

    Using my own techniques in just one JV I've had multi-thousand $ days. In another quick JV I got over 1,800 new subscribers in a couple of days. There are more examples but I won't bore you with them.

    This stuff works if you want to see it...

    Best wishes -

    Chip Tarver
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    Originally Posted by nuneybopper View Post

    make $48.50 for each sale of my $97 special offer
    Sorry, that was for nuneybopper. maybe I can help.

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