This Is Such A Screwy Business

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I stopped promoting my Diceology product. I wasn't getting anywhere with
ALL my efforts. I just chalked it up to a lost cause and moved on. I stopped
pimping for affiliates, contacting web sites, writing articles, updating my
Squidoo lenses, the whole thing. Just shut it all down.

The sales are starting to come in. I'm doing nothing and the sales are coming
in. Granted, I put in an enormous amount of work into this months ago, but
nothing in ages.

But there is the interesting thing I have noticed. ALL the sales are coming
from foreign countries like India, Brazil, France, and so on.

Could it be that this kind of product just doesn't appeal to English speaking
countries? I would have never thought it but the stats are mind boggling.
Not ONE US or United Kingdom or even Canadian sale. And India is the big

Just goes to show you what a screwy business this is. You never know
where your sales are going to come from or when you're going to get them.
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    Sounds like the SE's finally kicked in for you Steve.

    That's great good to hear! At least you'll finally feel like you've been compensated for the time and effort that you put into this project. Or at the least partially anyways. LOL

    Frank Bruno
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      It sounds like your Diceology may appeal to the more spiritual related to countries.

      Well now that you know your demographics better maybe you can hone in on that aspect?

      Frank Bruno

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