ClickBank, Google Adsense or Commision Junction? Which is better for my Situation?

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Hi everyone!

This is not really a question about which company is the best, because I know the answers will always vary, and it will be according to the type of site you have, or way of advertisement.

My question is based on my current situation.

Right now, I'm only using Google Adsense, and they are paying me "Dog Cheap"!
I often get $0.00 - $0.01 cent clicks...
It's really bad!
I probably have a poor nice, I have a hi5 Resource site.
(hi5 is a Popular Social Network)

I spoke about this yesterday here, I really like my hi5 site, and I don't want to abandon this niche just because Google pays low for it.

Since the Audience are Young teens, I was wondering if it may be a smarter idea to advertise through Commission Junction or Clickbank.

Maybe I can advertise health Products, or Phones and Electronics, etc...

Is this a better idea?

Since I know Google won't pay me more than 20 cents if that much.

I was looking at Commission junction, but the sales seem tougher than with ClickBank.

Maybe I'll try to sell E-books instead.
Do you think a Teen audience may be interested in E-books?

Thanks in Advance!
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    Choose Clickbank products with high gravity. If you use Commission Junction check the paying statistics for each program. It tells the amount paid for every 100 clicks to the site.
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      Don't guess what your visitors want, you'll just be wasting valuable space on your site.
      Do you know what Adsense ads are getting clicked on? If not install some tracking software that can tell you and then join the affiliate program for those products and advertise them or something similar on your site.
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      clickbank is definitely the best out of three as far as ease of making sales. and I agree that you shouldn't be guessing about markets. you need to find a niche with a need, find a nice product that you can sell to this market, make a plan of action, and then execute it.
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      Nice to see another trini on board.

      You can also look at CPA programs with zip code and email submit offers that pay around $1 per email. Look at networks like Azoogle, Maxbounty and CPA empire.


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