Any PHPFox users?

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Are than any of you using phpfox? If so, could you share your experiences(good/bad/indifferent)?

I am looking to purchase a social newtork software, and from my research it seems as though phpfox is one of the best.

Any experiences would be cool if you can share...

If not then I guess this thread will die a quick death...

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    I like PHPFox and have installed/used it in the past!

    Many features and works very well!

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      Hey Keith,

      PHPFox is a good application, but they really nail you on removing the copyrights
      from the software, as well as the installation. ( $425 )

      If you want an alternative solution that's less than 1/2 the price, along with an unlimited
      domain license, you may want to look at, I also
      include a Facebook version, which PHPFox does not.

      Plus, we have a lot of viral tools in place, as well as an internal advertising system, and....
      well there are lot of differences, and this would turn into a long post...

      Our main community software like MySpace is on par, or superior than PHPFox,
      you can see the demo here: right now we have another
      theme in place, instead of the default that comes with the software. You can see
      some training videos here:

      Shameless plug I know, but I've had a few users switch over from PHPFox to use
      our software for several reasons, and I'll just leave it at that.

      Carlos Garcia

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