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I'm still a relative newbie, can anyone pass an opinion on web hosting.

I use Hostgator and have just a couple of websitres hosted there on a shared service. I am considering purchasing software that would enable me to quickly produce numerous niche sites but they would all become addon/subdomains of my main website if I stay with shared service.

Is this an issue,I keep reading conflicting advice about shared service as opposed to having a reseller account where each domain/website is completely seperate.

If I later wanted to sell a particular website on the shared service would I be able to? I seem to get different answers, even support staff at Hostgator can't agree!

Also I'm just working on my first info product and wondered if anyone know's where I can find instructions on how to make the process of blending the sqeeze page and download page function properly. I use Aweber for my autoresponder.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    I find it's easier to manage multiple sites with a reseller account, and it's certainly the way to go if you're selling sites.

    As for the squeeze page/download page question, you add your download page url when you create your Aweber forms. You can either redirect them straight away after opting in, or make them confirm their subscription before reditecting them.


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