I Want To Join A List...

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I want to join about 10-30 lists...

What is your favorite list/newsletter that you get? And why?

Thanks a million
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    My favourite list is mine because it's the best on the net....

    And I hear that Steven Wagenheim occasionally sends something out

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    Originally Posted by Zach Booker View Post

    I want to join about 10-30 lists...

    What is your favorite list/newsletter that you get? And why?

    Thanks a million

    You should join lists of those marketers that you respect, you can learn so much from the emails that are sent by some marketers. Their subject lines, their email message and the closing, this all makes the difference in having a winning campagin and a losing one.

    Try to see how how often they send their emails out and eventually you will get the hang on things and run your own successful email campaign.

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      I'm subscribed to about 20 or 30 lists but the ones I read are (in no particular order) Andrew Hansen, Allan Gardyne, Chris Rempel, Tiffany Dow, Jon Leger, Lee McIntyre, Sara Brown, Andre Chaperon and Josh Spaulding.

      I read those because they give out good information and their recommendations are usually useful. The rest only send out promotion after promotion and don't offer any value.
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    Hi there,

    I like Martin Avis's list - the gardening tips are great as are the movie reviews and ... oh yes ... sometimes he mentions Internet Marketing I can honetly say his newsletter is probably the only one (sorry everyone else) I actually read everytime I get it!

    And of course, all of my lists are just fantastic! Absolutely the best too


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    As you can see by the responses to your post there are any number of folks generating excellent content.

    Three of my favorites, in alphabetical order, by surname are, Martin Avis, Paul Myers and Kevin Riley.

    Each is a successful, experienced and respected marketer. Almost without exception every newsletter they send you will have useful and entertaining information.

    Additionally, and of equal importance, they all care about their subscribers. With these guys you're not "just another name on the list."

    Best of luck in your quest,


    PS. They're all Warriors. Do a member search for more info.
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    But tthen again Frank Kern just sold out another one of his products in less then an hour.
    and not small change.
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    I can't believe John Forde's Copywriter's Roundtable is not in this list.
    Paul Myers too, I only discovered its value after being on his list for so long.
    Daniel Levis and Michel Fortin too.
    All of which are high on my list for quality content and trustworthiness.

    The Makepeace Total Package is killer and I prefer to study the materials on the blog, rather than the emails.

    Be Well,
    - Tian Yan

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