Is this for me?

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I have just joined because I wanted to ask a question elsewhere on this site. I run an art gallery with local, national and international artists. So far any internet sales come via the phone or e-mail from people who have found my site. I have never done any marketing the way many of you guys seem to, and I'm not sure if I should or shouldn't be concerned with it either. I have an open, reasonably intelligent mind have started several new ventures in my life that many would shy away from, including moving from the UK to the USA to open my gallery, (a new enterprise), and I love to learn. Should I be spending lots of time reading round the site to see what may or may not apply to me and my current business?
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    If you want to effectively advertise your business thourgh the Net you need to learn here in this forum. Come here to the main section every day, learn and have fun. Ask any questions you have.

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