copyrighting the look of my web site, Can it be done?

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Hello all.
I have a web page look and feel, that I have come up with, witch is a little unique.
I am wondering if it is common for web developers to copy-write there
web page designs?
This is geared towards IM so this is why I am asking the question here.
Thanks for any insights.
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    You can copyright code and design. "Look and feel" is a little more difficult, as there are a lot of variables that can be influenced by the copier's intent; however in most cases which would involve demonstrable damage to you then "look and feel" is covered by the copyright on the code and design.

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    You can not copyright any type of layout of "Look and Feel" because the fact is all that is making that look and feel is text (html or code). You certainly can copyright domain names, company names, images, logos, graphics, and etc.

    But to try and copyright that you put your google ads on the left and your welcome message on the right with some image below that and etc (in otherwords the layout) .. This would not be possible to copyright.


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