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Hey Warriors,

I have a few wordpress blogs and back in the days I used to be able to just load my ping list and after each blog session, they'f all get pinged. Now recently there is no section in wordpress for me to add my pinglist? Does anyone know how to make this work or another routine that i can use to get my blogs pinged and distributed?

Thanks In Advance
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    Ping multiple services with

    It's not automatic, but at least it pings multiple places?
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      Originally Posted by Michael Mayhew View Post

      Ping multiple services with

      It's not automatic, but at least it pings multiple places?
      Thanks for your help but it times out, Im thinking that after i finish my wordpress blog it automatically pings to technorati, and that is fine, but when I want to use pingoat/pingomatic it aways crashes in the process.

      Thanks again Michael
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      Hey Mel,

      If you are looking for the section in your WP admin area to add your ping list:

      1) Login to your admin section
      2) Click on "Settings"
      3) Cick on "Writing"

      Go to the bottom of the page and you will see the following:

      "Update Services
      When you publish a new post, WordPress automatically notifies the following site update services. For more about this, see Update Services on the Codex. Separate multiple service URLs with line breaks."

      Below the above information will be a field where you can input your pinging services.

      Michael has listed Ping-O-Matic and that is a good one.

      Hope this helps.

      All The Best,

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    The hosted version of WordPress doesn't have a ping list.

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      Yeah. If I were you I would move my blog off of If you start putting any affiliate links on the blog you will eventually get shut down. It happened to me... and I wasn't being agressive with links at all.

      All I did was put a list of links on the right hand side to services I recommend. They shut me down. I had to email them to get access to my blog so I could back up my posts.

      Besides you have a lot more control on self hosted blogs. You are not at the mercy of the wordpress TOS (Terms of Service), and it is also more professional looking to have it at and not

      Once you do that, it is exactly where he said it was. I'm actually glad I read this thread, because I couldn't figure out how I could have a PR2 blog and not be getting any search terms. It turns out I had my privacy set to no spider views.

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