Hiding the Good Stuff so Visitors HAVE to Subscribe!

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Hi gang,

I'm waiting on the golden card of magic to arrive (my Paypal topup card) and I have got my finger on the getresponse button for when the card slips through my letterbox. Yes, I am going to get a P.O. box address and start my lists.

My question is, if I have some pages of content that I don't want to be indexed in the big G and other search engines what do I do? Is it a robots.txt file? What if I only want to stop specific pages being indexed? I don't understand the robots.txt concept too well, does that only allow you to hide the entire website? I've done some research on it but haven't found any useful "step-by-step for idiots" tutorials which I might need.

I want to keep specific pages safe and secret from SE's because I only want my subscribers to see them.

Can anyone jump in and "help a brother out?"

Thanks in advance.

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