Question about Ning, displaced pets, and hurricane Gustav

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I was thinking about setting up a Ning to pull together information about displaced pets and Hurricane Gustav. I would like to: find out what shelters and volunteer agencies are helping displaced pets...put a donation button on the site so people could donate...

Put links on there to places like, the ASPCA and other places that can give info about displaced pets...

And put a news feed on there that would pull in stories about Gustav and pets to keep everyone updated.

I might call it Hurricane Pets or something like that so it would stay useful after Gustav.

Then I would update all my 670 Twitter followers and ask them to spread the word.

Is this doable? Could anyone help me with the technical stuff? I could do all of the writing.
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    I can't help in this area but this would be a great and noble idea, please go through with it!
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      I'm checking on Twitter and my other social networks to see if anyone else is already doing it. If so I don't want to divert attention from them. I have been doing Google searches and I don't see anything specifically like it.

      I was so upset about Katrina and all the pets that suffered that I'd love to be able to put my internet marketing knowledge to use to actually do something this time, if no-one else is doing it.

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