The Growth of Ning and the "Viral Expansion Loop" - Good Read!

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Dana_W got me interested in Ning with her post earlier but instead of asking "WTF is Ning", I did a little research and found this very interesting post about social sites and viral marketing.

Ning's Infinite Ambition -- Viral Networks -- Viral Expansion Loop -- Social Networking Start-Ups | Fast Company

I thought many of you would benefit from reading this, I know I did!

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    Very interesting article about Ning, I do appreciate you sharing with us all.

    Is this a community you are apart of? How has it been working if so? Explosive by any means?

    Be Passionate, Take Action
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      I just found Ning about an hour ago and was researching it when I found that link.

      I'm working on a local community portal and Ning might be a good way to get it up and going while I work on the Joomla learning.

      I wasn't pointing out Ning so much as the article about viral business models.


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