Bold threat subject vs not

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So what's the scoop? Where's the instruction manual I missed?

In the WSO forum, there are thread titles that are bolded (most of them) and others that aren't.

How does this work?
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    Hi Rob:

    I can explain this.

    There are two ways that a title won't be bolded for you.

    1. No new posts to that thread since the last time YOU visited it.

    2. A thread that is older than one day with no new posts whether you've
    been to it or not.

    Hope this helps.
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    Makes absolute sense! Though I bet new users will continue to ask this question again and again unless this is Sticky-ed somewhere. Most forum themes have an icon that changes color... it's what we expect and are used to.

    So when a WSO is not bolded (on our end because we've viewed it)... our post looks platry compared to all the other bolded ones and we want to find out why.

    Anyways, thanks for the replies.
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      Rob the new warrior has so many new twist to it

      When I first came here after it was just setup it was information overload

      still have not figure out alot of the goodies

      on the other hand it lacks some basic functionality, especially if you are running a WSO, make sure your title is right or forever live with it.

      Being a marketing type of forum funny we can't test titles in a place where it counts, but the improvement over the old warrior forum is fantastic.

      Being able to post video, pictures, communication etc...


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