Launching Your WSO Soon? Have You Done This?

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Hi Warriors,

If you are launching your WSO, this post is going to benefit you.

If you have the experience of selling WSOs, do feel free to share with us how do you position it.

I have learnt quite a number of different ways to sell your WSO from a number of respected and experienced Warriors.

1. Freebie (with affiliate links) at WSO and an upsell/ OTO of $14 to $27

2. A $7 to $17 price point WSO and an upsell/ OTO of $47 to $87

3. Freebie at WSO (just for list collection and email marketing and as subscribers, they are given a discount for the upcoming WSOs)

4. A $27 to $47 WSO with a downsell

5. A WSO which needs recurring payment of $7 to $29 per month (such as mentoring, coaching or membership) plus an upsell of $297 to $497 personal coaching with private email and phone number or even face to face coaching)

6. A $7 to $17 WSO with upsell of membership sites with recurring fees.

(The price range is just an illustration. Different products or services have different price range and so you need to test and tweak for optimised sales volume.)

In summary, before you launch a WSO, do read up about upsell, cross-sell, downsell, One-Time-Offer, services or products with recurring fees.

Interestingly, Jeremy Kelsall shared with me on how some experienced Warriors do offer pre-post or thread on their upcoming WSO.

It is not a hardsell but more of infact softselling and just releasing of information good enough to keep people in suspense. I think these are really impressive, in my opinion!

If you have your special way of marketing your WSO, we would love to hear from you.

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    Wondering does anyone can share some tips so our fellow Warriors can all benefit =)
    • Profile picture of the author dave.
      Well, all I can say to this: read the WSO secrets eBook and you get all the information you need about this topic.

      Warrior Special Offer - WSO Secrets by Justin Michie
    • Profile picture of the author giveusallfreedom
      One of my favorites was the dimesale. It also happens to be the WSO that I'll be launching tomorrow for my $167 course.

      Basically you pick a starting price and you increase it by $.10 or whatever amount you want every time some on either buys your product or after a certain amount of time. Mine tomorrow will be the first that I've done, but the ones that I've seen and heard about have resulted in a ton of sales.

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