[Solved] How long before your ad shows up on Craigslist?

by FitMarketer 15 replies
I have never used them before but posted my ad about 30 mins ago

I verified the email straight away

How long does it normally take to show up in the searches?
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    Most postings generally appear on index pages and in search results 10-20 minutes after submission.
    If it hasn't posted by then there is a good chance your ad has was ghosted.
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      yup. a half hour is too long. if it hasn't shown up in half that time, something is probably wrong. you might want to recheck the ad to make sure it complies with the terms of service.

      i think ad postings run on a cron job for new and renewed ads every 15 minutes or so.
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    Most of the time, Mine Ads would appear there within 10 - 15 Mins.
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      Mine appear almost immediately...depending on the item I sell, I usually get emails an hour or 2 later...

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    Originally Posted by FitMarketer View Post

    I have never used them before but posted my ad about 30 mins ago

    I verified the email straight away

    How long does it normally take to show up in the searches?
    The ad will show in 5-10 minutes...but if your ad is ghosted..it will not be seen at all. You can list an ad and then confirm in email and the ad will say that it is showing, but it can be ghosted...
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      wait 15 minutes, if your add wasn't show up, then you have a ghosted ad.
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        Usually they will appear within 15 minutes. If they don't then re-submit them. However if you try to post the same ad more than once in 2 days in the same place, Craigslist will delete the ad.

        Hope this helps.
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  • Typically 5-20 minutes for me. I've had ads that were disapproved and never showed up. Make sure the ad is compliant with their guidelines & try reposting if it doesn't appear in a few hours
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    Are you posting without a CL account? If so, try opening a CL account and then posting from within your CL account. Sometimes this helps you Skip the E-mail Verification. If you are posting from within your CL account and still getting the e-mail verification required, then this is an issue with the IP address/connection you are using.
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    (sorry - have to post again because all my numbers under Join Date below my avatar picture are 6. Can't have that, It's creepy!)
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    Sometimes, it will take 15 mins or more...depends on which section you are posting...
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  • Fit,
    I get mine to appear within five to ten minutes tops. I have had my ads ghosted before and it is always a confusing event for the person trying to find his ad. Like others have said, be sure you are complying with the terms of service for Craigslist. Good luck.
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      If this is the first ad posted in the account it's normal to get the first ad ghosted.
      Post a new ad and new title it should go up no problem.

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    My ads normally appear within 5 - 15 minutes. Although, I have some ads take several hours and not really sure why.
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    It takes 15 minutes to show up your ad.
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