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So my dad builds custom furniture and he gets most of his business through his designer and through word of mouth. But i was thinking that a website could really help now this would be a present for his up coming birthday. The thing is that im only 17 so i have enough money to make it look ok but i would like a nice template so if anyone is willing to donate one to me i would really appreciate it.

Also if anyone has any ideas for a website like this that you think would look cool that would also be nice.

What i plan to have is a gallery page, a page about him and contact info

I cant think of anything else that he would really need.

Thank you,

- Eric
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    Eric, lots of free template available at Download free CSS templates - Free CSS Templates (non WP or Joomla)

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      Hey Eric.

      It's nice what you are doing for your Dad.
      As a web designer, I can say that you can put all of that info in one simple page.
      For the gallery, google flash gallery and there are some free one that you can display at the top of the site and then below that you can put the about and contact.
      Make it simple.

      If you need any help, send me a message - I have some time this weekend.

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    Yes, that is a Very Nice gesture / thing you are offering to do to help you Dad and his business!

    and not to deter you from doing your own web site / pages, stores, etc. and selling his custom furniture online yourself, ok?

    But ...

    As just another alternative for you all to consider ...

    If you don't want to do all this online retailing, etc. yourself and you just want to help him sell more of his custom furniture (?), then ...

    We may be able to Help You / Him sell his custom furniture through All of our online stores, etc. you know?

    So ...

    Please PM / Contact Us if you all might be interested in our Helping You / Him sell his custom furniture through All of our online stores, etc. and we can discuss further how this all would work, ok?

    We hope this all helps and Have a Great Day!

    - Michael

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