Why do I get blurry text after converting to PDF?

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I've made a book cover using "Paint.NET." It looks really nice until I convert it to a PDF. It comes out with the text blurry.

Someone said that it needs to be converted to a postscript file and then ran through Adobe Distiller with the settings set to "PDF/X-1a:2001"

Anyone have any experience with this type of thing?

Since I do not own Adobe Distiller, I'm willing to pay someone to help me get this thing looking good.


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    Hello Dan,

    Have you tried converting the picture to a .jpg file and
    then using that as your cover instead?

    You can try using an online image editor:
    Picnik - edit photos the easy way, online in your browser

    If that still doesn't work for you, you can PM me... I'll
    see what I can do to help

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      Thanks for responding to my message!

      I'm really frustrated! My book is complete, and I received my proof copy. The back cover looks awful and needs redone.

      I used Paint.net to create it, saved it as a jpg, and then converted it to a PDF. The blurriness resulted from the conversion to PDF.

      I wouldn't mess with doing a PDF at all, but the company who's printing my book requires a PDF file. They did give some specifications though...

      ~ convert the image file to postscript
      ~ run the postscript file through Adobe Distiller (which I do not have)

      Can you help?


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    Other programs make PDF files. I have one I use that does
    a good job with graphics. OpenOffice is free - I don't use it
    myself so I don't know how well it handles graphics.

    My understanding is you just need to get a clear .JPG into
    .PDF format?

    Use a different PDF maker tool. Sometimes the premium
    brands (like Adobe)... suck.
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      You're right, I just need to get a JPG into a clear PDF format.
      Do you know another free PDF maker tool other than Adobe?
      OpenOffice doesn't appear to be free.


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    It's open-source - meaning you can get it and use
    it for free. OpenOffice.org - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
    a lot of Warriors use it.
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    send it over, and I'll convert it for you.
    no cost.
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    Slow down, you might be doing it too quickly
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    PDF/X-1a:2001 is a compressed PDF format. You need to distill using press quality.
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    all good points noted here, but the real reason for the loss in image quality is because you are creating a PDF document from a raster (bitmap) image. If you want crisp, clean graphics then you need to lay up the original in a vector program so that the images are saved as curves and not pixels.
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    I tried it with OpenOffice writer and the conversion to pdf worked beatifully.

    The only thing, if you have your ebook done with MS Word in doc format and open it with OpenOffice you have to check the whole document before converting as you might have lost some of your formatting.

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    dnb700... a vector program deals with curves and text in a mathematical sense, a bitmap program deals with them using pixels. A more layman explanation would be that something like Adobe Illustrator or CAD is a vector program where Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint is a bitmap program.
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    perhaps an analogy would help more... ok here goes!

    what do you think would look clearer and more accurate:

    a real piece of rope?
    or a painting of a piece of rope?

    the vector program will keep a real piece of rope as the image object, but the bitmap program will paint a recreation of the piece of rope using pixels of colour. Given that pixels are square, you will always get blurred edges in bitmap when trying to paint the piece of rope.

    Not sure if that helps or confuses the situation. All I can say tho is that the author needs to lay up their covers using a vector program if they want crisp, clean PDF images
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    I have been using this to pdf file if your file is not too big =)

    Convert MS Word (doc) files to Adobe Acrobat files (pdf) for free. No login required.

    Hope it helps. =)

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