So... where do I start?

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I've only recently got back into the world of IM, and it seems like social networking and social media sites are all the rage right now. Stuff like Google Knols, Squidoo Lenses, etc.

Can anyone recommend any readings for a complete newbies to such topics? Something which explains what these various services are, how to set one up and perhaps how to monetise it? If you have a related WSO or product and don't want to break the rules, feel free to PM me the url.

~ Sirius
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    Welcome back Sirius,

    We have some Resident experts here on Squidoo and Knol. Tiffany Dow comes to my mind. PM her in case she doesn't see this thread and bring it to her attention.

    This Forum is a great "study" in it's self. Allen has created a social site using his forum.

    My best to you,
    George Wright
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    Yes Sirius

    Social Netwroking etc is HUGE.

    And I am sure you will find some book on it as well... But most of them will need to be paid for. I can't think of a good free ebook right now...
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    Hi Sirius...

    The platforms you refer to are all independent and different so I don't think you will find a one size fits all guide to them all...

    But a product like Squidoo Queen will show you how to use squidoo for financial gain...

    The others may have products in the same fashion but that is one I know of that really covers what you need to know about squidoo


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      But if you just go to Squidoo and play around with it for a while, you might learn the basics pretty easily.

      Reverse eNGINEER: Look at the best lenses and see what makes them best.
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      Hey Sirius:

      Definitely look into what Tiffany has to offer for Squidoo. She's pretty much the acknowledged "master" (or is that mistress??) in this forum.
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    Hunt around for the Authority Black Book Version 2.0 for 2008. It's got the "whole smash" of social networking resources.
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      yes social networking marketing is a real rage at the moment & i think it will be here for a long time & it will build because people who never used to use a Pc seem to logon & use the net just to connect?

      focus on it.

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