What are the PROS and CONS of becoming a "Full Time Internet Marketer"?

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As in any business with benefits and ricks, I think “Full Time Internet Marketing” comes with PROS and CONS.

What are these PROS and CONS? How can one take advantage of the PROS and how can one avoid the CONS?

Please in your reply, write PROS first and CONS second. I think this tread will be useful for us starting in the business.

Thanks in advance for your helpful replies.
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    • Ability to work from home or anywhere
    • You can make as much or as little income as you want
    • No boss to answer to, no traffic to sit in, no suffering under workplace rules
    • You learn valuable lifelong skills such as copywriting, helping others, finance, etc.
    • More time to yourself and to spend with your family and friends
    • Can completely make your business autopilot

    • Insanely steep learning curve
    • Mistakes can cost you money
    • The amount of money you get is more or less equivalent to the effort you put in. Very difficult to put in time if you work a full time job
    • The complete lack of time you have when your first start
    • Sporadic income. Some days you'll get a lot of money, some days you won't get anything due to the alignment of the universe
    • Can easily blow tons of money and get no results
    • Easy to get discouraged
    • Dealing with people who blame you for their lack of success
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    • Work when you want, however you want
    • No Boss
    • Your income depends on YOU
    • Allows you to be creative
    • Spend more time doing the things you enjoy
    • Get to associate with great people in your field
    • Gives you control over your destiny
    • Allows you to learn new things and expand your knowledge
    • Keeps your brain ticking :rolleyes:

    • IM can often isolate people from socializing and interaction from the outside world. (Easily avoidable though nonetheless)
    • There can be a few variables that may threaten your online income in a blink of an eye (website downtime, servers crash, lists being lost, google slapping you with a penguin, traffic sources diminish, etc.) But like the above, this can be easily avoidable providing people backup everything regularly and avoid putting all their eggs in one basket.
    • Can be discouraging at times
    • You are accountable for your finances, tax, customers, everything. (Not always a pain )
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    All that is listed pretty much cover it. Here's a couple more.

    • can take time off when you need and be flexible to do other things.
    • tax benefits for a home business

    • can get lonely
    • sometimes it's hard to stay motivated
    • need to have a distinction between when you're "at home" and "at work" otherwise you'll always feel at work.
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    Most of the pros have been mentioned by the rest of the warriors. But being the internet, i could truely work from anywhere as lost as there is a internet connection. I like to know that whatever effect i have in my business is directly link to how much effort i have put in.
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    More Cons:
    Can easily get distracted/frustrated.. (kids fighting, wife needs this and that..)
    Lack of being "active".. I'm 6'3 went from 230lbs to 275lbs lol (I'm back down to 250lbs though...
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    Pros: You earn your true value and worth

    Cons: Shit happens
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    Lots of opportunities and income streams
    Fully utilize your skills wihtout any pressure or resource restrictions
    Inexpensive and easy to start
    Low investment involved so give you more confidence even in case of loss
    You take more risks than usual

    Dependency on many online services like google,CB, paypal (they can blow you away anytime)
    No working hours
    Less social life/ physical training

    As a whole, Full Time IM is a great charm, cons can be overcomed easily with the passage of time and steady income.
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    Rake loads of money :-)

    Big tax bills :-)
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    Which cons?
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    - Residual income.
    - More Free Time, due to residual income.
    - People like to hear about your job.
    - Girls seem to love it.

    - Steep Learning Curve.
    - Not much physical activity (I do p90x)
    - Not much chance to socialize.
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    - You don't have to immediately deal with the public, you work from home without directly taking with your customers and answering all their questions like you do when you have an offline business. Even when you exchange email messages you are not as exposed as when someone is next to you.

    - You have numerous alternatives that help you work very fast.


    - You need a diet. You don't burn calories going to your job and doing things that make you lose some weight.

    - You become somehow antisocial.

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    Originally Posted by Samuel McEdwards View Post

    As in any business with benefits and ricks, I think “Full Time Internet Marketing” comes with PROS and CONS.

    What are these PROS and CONS? How can one take advantage of the PROS and how can one avoid the CONS?

    Please in your reply, write PROS first and CONS second. I think this tread will be useful for us starting in the business.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful replies.
    Cons, you cant sit on your ass working for someone else, pretending to be busy and still getting paid.

    Pros, the ability to simultaneously "work", stuff your face hamburgers and get baked all day.
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    Pro: You can / should start part-time while you are still employed... build your business after work and establish a level of income BEFORE you quite or get fired.
    Pro: There are lots of potential mentors our there who can coach you and help you succeed faster.

    Con: You will likely try to do everything yourself and burn through lots of money and time trying to learn. Better to outsource what you don't know how to do and stick to doing what you're good at.
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    - Make money from home
    - Making money while travelling.
    - Freedom of time


    - It can be a lonely business
    - Takes some time before starting to see results
    - Costly to make mistakes

    But nonetheless, it is still worth it to start your own internet business as you have more control of your finances and time.
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    Well, I could sit here and talk all day about the PROS to being an Internet Marketer, but can't really think of many CONS...


    1. work from home
    2. be your own boss
    3. make your own hours
    4. make as much or as little money as you want
    5. i work about 3 hours a day
    6. financial freedom
    7. buy whatever I want (most of the time)
    8. travel
    9. spend time with family
    10. have more time to myself and being able to relax instead of break my back


    1. easily get distracted

    I can not think of many CONS at the moment although I am sure there is more than that, but I can say that I love working from home and making more money working 3 hours a day from my computer than I did working 10 hours a day at a full time job.
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    Freedom, fast money if you are good.
    Competitiveness, you need to be tough to win.

    IM is just like any other business. Don't forget to do some sports and keep fit.
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    I don't have any pros and cons here, but I do have some advice to give though.

    For starters, if you are wanting to get into online marketing, make sure that you learn from honest and ethical entrepreneurs. Don't learn from the meriod of scam artists out there who are only interested in bilking you out of every single dime that you own.

    Also don't be an opportunity hopper hopping from one opportunity to another just because the one that you are currently in isn't making you wealthy right away. Give the opportunity sime to work and make sure that you learn all you can about it so that you can make it work to the best of y our ability.

    Sell your own products and services. This is where you will be making the most of your money from. You can also do affiliate marketing too, but first sell your own stuff.

    Never ever give up, that's the name of the game here. If you really want to be successful at this game, then you need to play the game right so you do succeed at it. Always be honest and ethical in all that you do with your online business and never scam people or bilk people out of their money in the name of striking it rich.
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    Try telling somebody who ISN'T a full time Internet Marketer that there are CONS to being a full time Internet Marketer and they will laugh in your face.

    There are NO cons to being a full time Internet Marketer. That's how it feels to somebody from the outside looking in.

    Also, I've never bought that whole "ooh the amount of money you make is dictated by how much effort you put in". That's the biggest BS I've ever heard. Sure, you have to work hard in life to get anything good but just because somebody sits at a laptop for 14 hours a day doesn't mean they're going to make money.
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    Internet marketing is probably the cheapest mode of marketing available, here you not just market your product but you can interact with your customers as well.
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    The only time when you should go full time in IM is when you can make a steady stream of income that is consistant. In other words you have to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat at will.

    Thus if you run a campaign one week and make 2k in one week, you might not make a dime the next following week.

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