Hillbilly Marketer is ......................

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Old, very old. If you look at the home page on the forum you will see it is his birthday today.

Happy Birthday, and we are sending Chris to you to sing our greetings, just don't hurry to send him back
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    haha, don't send him here - there's enough old people where I live...
    It's like a bad episode of One Foot In The Grave.

    Besides, where are we going to find enough candles for the cake, and does anyone have the fire brigade on standby? That many candles is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Happy Birthday, ye olde hillbilly.

    Kindest regards,
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      lol ...

      Hey hillbilly, hoped you saved some of that hot air to blow those candles out!

      Happy B day, and many best wishes!

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    Dadgumit, Bev, yew done gone an em-bare-assed me! I shore dew thank ya for them thar birfday greetin's!

    Listen hear now, if yew wus thankin bout havin Chris W. Sutton come sing fer me, that thar wud be jest fine with me! That thar feller sangs like Elvis and it jest sends them thar goosiebumps right down my backbone!

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