Any PHP expert here?

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Xsitepro seems to have problems interpreting PHP code

In Xsitepro, I appended a PHP code to my Clickbank affiliate link so that it looks like this...

h**p://<?php echo $var; ?>

but when I previewed it, it turned out to be like this...

h**p:// ontentEditable=false%20style=

Something is definitely wrong here as it'd usually appear like this if it's functioning properly...


Any idea what that long line of gibberish mean?

PS: The asterisks were added intentionally
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    Are you sure your variable -- $var -- is set properly? Because at first glance, it seems that $var is equal to "%3CSPAN%20id=SCRIPT_PLACEMARK+00447842309%20c ontentEditable=false%20style=" (or <SPAN id=SCRIPT_PLACEMARK+00447842309 c ontentEditable=false style=")

    You'd have to look into how your variable $var is being set.


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