What's your most effective Keyword Tool ..and why?

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Happy Sunday everybody!

With the plethora of keyword research tools out there, (and I've tried quite a few), at least how I see it, it seems to boil down to personal preference.

Some people don't mind paying for a '1-off' product, or don't mind paying for monthly memberships....... then.....

There are some people, whom really have an issue with paying for something that you can get for free - eg; Google Keyword External - and, may even give you better results.

Now for me, I feel like they all have their pros and cons. I find it hard to find one that literally has it all -sadly...

Plus, am I right in concluding, that the 'paid for' tools, basically just give you - convenience, sometimes more lateral words, word-storage/management and time-saving features?

This is as opposed to Google External, where it's manually done and takes a bit longer? (I realize however, time is money).

I'd love to hear about some other quick and efficient ways to use Google External, as I still prefer it to others, but the time factor can at times be daunting.

I usually have 2 browers open - 1 for External, and then another one to check the words in Google for page results/competition. Maybe there's a shortcut to this?

Anybody have a better and quicker way? If so, your thoughts will be greatly welcome

Thanks for listening,
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