What is the best way to make money online today?

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This is a very general question, but I'm interested in hearing your responses, and why. Affiliate programs selling those "kits" and PDF eBooks seem to be really losing steam, but I'd love to hear all of your opinions.
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    wordpress plugins, softwares, video courses and coaching programs are still hot cake.
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    Add value to other people's lives.

    That has always worked, still works today, and will always work.

    So long as the value you offer to people is far greater than the price you are charging, you will make sales all day long. Who wouldn't want to buy $1 for only 50 cents?
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    ^^^That's the sole purpose of our careers, is to serve the customer.

    Without a customer we don't exist so you better make sure you treat them properly and relate with them and you could be selling .99c lollipops, it doesn't matter.
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    The best way to make money online today is to follow what the online users desire and sell them exactly what they are looking for. In this case, you must know how to promote your products. You have to begin by making a marketing research and finding your potential customers.

    The easiest way to make money online is by offering a service, like writing or creating websites, but you have to produce your products all the time. You face a lot of competition, but if you will offer something that is demanded you will find customers and make some money or a lot of money; depending on the quality of your work. Many people make a living by offering a service, but they work many hours online.

    You can do both; you can be a service provider and a seller. This way you won't have all you eggs in one basket.

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    Hands down: product creation.

    Create and market your own information products is the best way to make money online in the most leveraged fashion. Model the people who have the success you want, and in finding them I'm sure you will discover that they are selling some type of information.
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    Blogging+Affiliate Marketing= $$$
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    Affiliate marketing is probably one of the quickest way to start making money online, you don’t have to create any products yourself. and then comes SEO services.
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    I am no being rude.. But, the best way to make money is to Stop reading and start implementing..
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    Hi Alex

    The best way to make money online today is to join an affiliate training platform that will teach you how to set up a blog, create good quality content for the readers, target specific keywords, build good quality backlinks, work consistently on a daily basis aiming to get multiple google page 1 rankings and automatically build yourself an email list of opt-in subscribers.

    Another great way is to learn how to use the social networking sites (the right way) to help make new connections and build your business even further.

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    There's no such thing as the best way. Everyone has their own skills and strengths. I find blogging to be a powerful way to build a business while others don't blog at all but make money in other ways.
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    The best way to start making money is to offer people something that will help them. Don't start with the product, which is what 99% of people always do. They spend all this time and money making posts with the intent of promoting a specific product, and they don't get anywhere. All that promotion they end up doing is for nothing.

    INSTEAD... focusing on building yourself as a brand. Bring value to other people. Help them get answers to their questions. Once you have a following of people, they will tell you what kinds of products and services they are looking to buy.

    Just remember people buy from other people they like and trust. Start working towards positioning yourself as an expert and you will eventually have a group of people that look to your for answers. At this point you have the ability to write your own checks.
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    have something to sell, then use direct response marketing to sell it. All businesses come down to 2 things.

    Having something to sell, and your ability to sell it, it doesn't matter if it's an online business or an offline business. That has and always will be the steps to making money
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    There are many different ways to make money online but like others have said adding value to someones life and helping them with a particular problem is the best way to make money online....
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    the best way to make money is fiverr
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    The best way to make money online? Whatever way calls out to you is the best way for you to pursue now, but that might change when you discover more about the nature of your model as you go.

    Online marketing is hugely varied and flexible, so it is an impossible question for anyone but you to answer; people are answering it correctly for themselves but not necessarily you, although the general answers stating marketing basics like having something to sell, adding value to people's lives, etc, naturally apply to a wide variety of models.

    It's like asking "what color is best"? The answer would be, whatever color is your favorite is best for you.

    Some people never want to talk to anyone, and love building websites, so for them a website selling their services, promoted with SEO and paid traffic, might be a great way to go, whereas attending local business meetings to sell services would suck for them.

    For someone else that hates dealing with technology, but loves chatting people up, the opposite would be true.

    So just find something that excites you now, work on it, and be willing to adjust your strategy, or even changes strategies completely, but only after giving the first thing a fighting chance of working.
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    This is what I do.

    1) Build list

    2) offer good value

    3) offer stuff to them.

    4) repeat.

    Now I did not say doing all this is easy, and I do well from testing in between 1-4, and you cannot just sit on your fat arse doing nothing...like most people think.

    Treat your biz like a biz, and you will reap the rewards.
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    I've been very successful lately with making money on Kindle. I've done everything from affiliate marketing, blogging, and even have several products on Clickbank, but with Kindle it's been MUCH EASIER to make money without having to learn SEO, copywriting, driving traffic, and all the stuff you have to learn.
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    I suggest blogging. It's the first thing that comes into my mind when we you said making money online. It's the trend and it's high paying. The only disadvantage is when you don't have the skills and passion, which are the main requirements to stay in the long run. Blogging is never easy yet I guarantee a sure cash to this kind of job.
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    Actually there's a lot of ways in making money online.
    You can create your own digital products, softwares, blogs, or choosing your own niche.

    With the example given above just don't forget that you don't create products, software, or blogs for your own good. Take note that most products that are sold online are something that can benefit someone lives. So don't waste your time in creating useless projects.
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    neilclues, could you please recomend an affiliate training platform? I would like to learn more, as I have a blog, but I am rather lost in what to do to make money out of it.
    If it is not much to ask, please recomend something simple to understand, I am a fast-learner, but not very good with technical terms yet
    thanks in advance

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