Need advice on co-registration strategy

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I am considering the possibility to integrate the coregistration service
'List Builder Pro' with Getresponse or Aweber account, so I need advice
from you who know if this is allowed.

List Builder Pro ( coregistration service) offers single optin leads and 'integration' with an autoresponder provider.

From ListBuilerPro's FAQ:

"I want my new subscribers to be sent to my web form? How do I do this?

You can do this by following these instructions:
1. Select My Account, Reporting Information from the main menu.
2. Select Web Form from the Delivery Type drop down menu.
3. Enter your web form code in the applicable Web Form fields.
4. Click the Save Changes button.

Note: If you are not absolutely certain what to enter in the applicable
Web Form fields, then please complete the Web Form Location URL field only,
and our support team will be pleased to complete the rest of the fields for you.
Your new leads never actually see your web form.
Instead, List Builder Pro passes the lead data
from our mail server to your web form script
behind the scenes. "

It would basically work so that I generate a subscription form in my autoresponder account ( Getresponse or Aweber) and give my subscription form parameters to ListBuilderPro. ListBuilderPro then in some way send the co-registered lead's data to my form, which is sent to Aweber/Getresponse as the regular subscription request. I suppose this would be same as clicking the 'subscribe me' button on my form page. This would then trigger the confirmation email sent by Getresponse or Aweber.
Co-registered subscriber can then confirm or not.

Aweber explicitely forbids any kind of 'paid' collection of subscribers, but I don't know if Getresponse would allowe the above process.

I need advice form exerienced list builders, please tell me if anyone is using the above described procedure and if it is allowed by Getresponse ( maybe even by Aweber, I'm not sure).

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    here's a novel idea

    why you just contact List Build Pro and ask them who they recommend

    and make it such that the sale is pending on them making a recommendation for your request

    I would think this is not the first time someone has asked them the same question

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      The best co-reg strategy I know is...

      "Be careful."

      Chip Tarver

      PS - There are other co-reg question threads here that go into detail about the ups and downs of using co-reg...

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