I Know Curiosity Killed The Cat But Satisfaction Brought Him Back!

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Okay, as you can probably tell, I'm very curious.

What I am pondering on this morning is why so many Warriors when asked about outsourcing work, whatever the service may be, make suggestions offsite rather than suggesting fellow Warriors? I see places like Fiverr, O-desk, Elance, etc.

I have found the community here to be quite talented and creative and well, the thing about communities is that they are an entity onto themselves made up of citizens that aid one another, stick together and cater to one another. After all, it is the people of a community that make it great or not so much.

If I am asked and know of someone who is talented in that arena, I don't hesitate to recommend a Warrior, at all. It also truly warms my heart when I see someone else recommend to check out the Warriors For Hire Section, Classified Ads, a link to a WSO or a link to a fellow Warrior's profile page where they can find that Warrior's signature and/or home page.

So, for those of you that recommend services offsite or other people who are not Warriors, why do you do that?

Again, just curious.

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    My guess is, you can hire an outsourcer from Asia, India, and other places for a fraction of what someone in the U.S. will charge. Not always, of course, but as a general rule.

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    It's largely newbies who recommend sources other than WF, or those who haven't yet availed themselves of the wide range of services that can be provided by numerous experienced, and first-rate warriors. Unlike the veterans on here.
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    Even if someone recommends you, how can you be so sure that he/she is good at what he/she does ? heh

    If he/she was good at it, then they won't have the time to look for work here in the warrior forum

    If I tell you that I will help you, you won't probably believe me, coz you don't know me and no one "recommended" me to you.
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    Gee, I don't know Terra. I'll have my fiverr guy run a poll on that and my odesk VA will PM you with an answer ASAP.

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    As for me personally, I always ask for payment first, but offer a 100% refund if not satisfied and I've never been asked for one to date.
    I work with this philosophy as well and have never had to offer a refund.

    I agree that it is curious why people don't suggest the forum as a means of outsourcing but I think it may simply be that they don't understand how it works and/or have never used it themselves.

    If he/she was good at it, then they won't have the time to look for work here in the warrior forum
    Patrick...I am good at what I do BUT there isn't ALWAYS sufficient work which is why I advertise my services. Most professionals do the same thing because you have to constantly be marketing to keep the money flowing in.
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    I like odesk platforms because of the easy of payment and ability to see what your outsourcer is working on. I feel I have more security using that platform. Then again I haven't really outsourced much on WF. Anyone else with some experience and tips to help protect yourself from fraudulent people?
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    nice title for your thread
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