Over $500,000/month—A THANK YOU from the Fourteen Year Old That Had Joined the WF.

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Updated my title after all the PMs I have gotten. Thought it would pump more people up to
have a solid number. I originally didn't want to rub people the wrong way but I see now that it
actually helps :-)

Like I said before: I'm not selling any sort of "make money" package or coaching
program; that's not the point... I just know how much it used to help me to see threads
like this when I was younger... So I'm "giving back."

I'm at my mother's place helping her through chemo and whatever and don't have much
work, so my offer still stands: if you have any questions or want any advice, PM me. I've
had about 15 or 20 so far and finally got back to all of them.

My Fellow Warriors,

The story I'm about to tell you might sound familiar to you, but I'm not 100% sure if most
on this forum will recognize it. The reason is that this all started about 10 years ago
or so... I'm betting lots of the people on this forum back then have moved on or forgotten,
but, in logging on for the first time in years and looking over everything, I don't think I've
ever done this... so it's long overdue.

When I was younger, I was living with my single mother in an apartment. She worked night
and day to provide for us and it was a tough life.

At the age of fourteen, I was up late at night and saw an infomercial for some random
stock market "system"... the promise was there: make millions of dollars a minute using this
foolproof stock program. I saw a great way to help my mother out and give us a better life.

The reviews of the product said otherwise.

Fortunately, through a few clicks through websites, I found myself on the Warrior Forum.
In what can only be described as the most terrifying story for a parent to hear, I
made an account and posted my first thread.

I can't find it, but the subject was something like "Fourteen Year Old Wants to Buy His
Mother a House" and the post talked about how I was a 14 year old boy with a single
mother who wanted to make money and help out. (Things could have ended with a special
edition of Dateline.)

The response was AMAZING. Everyone came out of the woodwork and helped--
both in terms of pep and information.

I spent every night up until, literally, 3AM or so working. I read posts, I went through
products, and I honed my skills. Because of my age and drive, people like Mike Filsaime,
Jason Dinner, Gary Halbert, and the rest were more than happy to mentor me and hone my
skills even more.

But things were still tough.

I wasn't making money the way I knew I could. Things were still tight at home. I was
getting a couple hours of sleep a night because I woke up for school at 6AM and my
grades were slipping.

Regardless, I knew that I was going to make it, and I knew there were no other options

Then I got started on Myspace and started making about $50/day. Then I decided I
wanted to go to TIMME2 and I held a WSO and made something like $6000 in a weekend.
That wasn't a multi-million dollar launch, but it was enough for me to pour gas on the fire—
it covered my ticket, flight, hotel, and costs, and let me buy us a nice vacuum; a

It may sound crazy... but that Dyson was when I realized that I really did have it in me to
"make it."

I started playing with Myspace more and went from $50/day to $100, to $200, to $500,
and up. That was my snowball.

As that was happening, the people I met through the warrior forum and the big names that
were mentoring me kept honing my craft.

I had just started driving; a 1998 Nissan Altima... my mom's old car. I bought myself a
Maserati Gransport. We moved from our small (yet nice) apartment to a much larger
condo in Beverly Hills. While I was still smart about money, I no longer had to worry about
it... that was amazing.

Fast forward to now, I own a "nice" marketing firm in Beverly Hills. I have "nice" collection
of "nice" watches, cars, and clothes. I eat at "nice" restaurants. I have a "nice" house. I
have "nice" connections. I don't need to worry about money. I am going to college
because I like learning (though it isn't too great for "success") and don't need to worry
about loans, etc.

My point is twofold (maybe more).

First off, there were lots of times that I would be working until 3 or 4 AM, wondering if I
should even go to sleep because I might be more tired doing so... Those nights, I would
wonder if it was worth it. I would lose faith.

Don't lose faith.

One thing I have seen from being both on this forum (though I have been gone a while)
and being out in the real world and working with others is that the people on the Warrior
Forum are very unique.

The warrior forum truly is a mastermind that builds success. If you want to pay to work
directly with gurus, that is great, but never underestimate the power of over half a
million people who have the same goals as you and care almost as much about your
success as they do theirs.

The people on the WF "get it". They are not satisfied with working for others and they
know that they are destined for great things... bask in it. Don't ask for advice from people
in the "real world"... you have a family here that "gets you."

Looking back, I would stay up until 5AM every night and work for twice as long if I had to.
It would still be worth it.

Second off, on that note, I want to SINCERELY thank everyone on this forum who
helped me when I was just that acne-faced 14 year old kid who had no true real world
experience and was, frankly, probably annoying at times. Those nights that I was losing
faith, I could always count on my mentors and the warrior forum reminding me that it truly
was worth it.

I don't want to pretend to know how everyone on the forum feels at this point... but I
know that there are a handful (maybe more? ) who feel like I did those nights. To you, I
say, it really is worth it. Keep pushing that boulder in the way to success
and you will move it out of the way. Consider it a test.

You know what is worth it? Not having to stress about money. Not letting money get in
the way of your relationships. Being able to eat dinner wherever you want. Driving
whatever car you want. Living wherever you want. Getting your loved ones whatever you

Looking around at the wise wise age of 14, I realized that as people get older, sh*t
happens that you have no control over. The one thing you CAN control is your financial
muscle. Keep that in mind.

Again, thank you. I had told a LOT of help from you all and, if any of you remember, I had
said back then that I would make it up to you when I could.

Here is my attempt at that (though I never really can)— if any of you have
any questions at all, my PM box is open. I am not going to upsell you any
sort of consulting program. I am not going to upsell you a product or package. I am not
going to give you a "pep talk" where I give no real info.

If you have any questions, PM me and I will help you out. As some of you know, my
mother was recently diagnosed with Stage4 Ovarian cancer so I am helping her out with
that too, so don't be offended if I reply a tad later than I'd prefer... but know that I truly
will give you the most solid help possible.

Thank you again—for everything.

PS: I know it's a long post... but I had a lot to get off my chest.
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