This is how you get SCAMMED online!

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How many of the above example have you seen so far? Hundreds, right?

What if I told you there are numerous threads on marketing forums that teaches you exactly how you can scam people out of their money by selling them a pipe-dream. Complete guides that teaches you the Psychological triggers to use, how to setup a salespage (Like the above) to trick innocent people out of their money.

They will even do it in a way, so you thank them for 600 pages of useless information that they probably put together from 50 different sources to have a product of their own.

Exact copy/paste from the scamming guide:
There is another angle. A person who is reading a PDF file that he paid $47 bucks for is paying attention. You have a captive audience, so make a sales pitch. Tell him that he can raise his earnings “up a notch,” or “take it to the next level” or some other bullshit phrase that sounds good. Then offer him some other stuff. Make sure your pitch about his imaginary wealth takes it to the next level, too, so he thinks he is going to get even richer than before.
(Do any "OTO's" come to mind?)

Just ONE of these scamming guides has been read by more than 110,000 people. How many dishonest people do you think are among these, that would actually put it to use?

This Forum is visited by tens of thousands of people every single day. It's a great place for scammers to lurk around - Be cautious what you buy into, not everything is what it seems to be.

I have recognized far too many of the examples I just made above, even here on WF.

This is in no-way discrediting any of the current WSO's that are built up in this way. Simply a friendly tip for anyone out there looking to get into IM. Be very cautious what you buy into. Always get as much information as possible about the product you're going to purchase. If the information is vague, it's usually not a good sign.

I spent 10 minutes, making the ad above. If I had spent a bit longer, removed the sarcasm and the obvious joke-text. I would have an A+ ad that hundreds of people would fall into immediately.
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    I have seen many scams like that, funny thing today just by accident I asked my Mom what was she doing, she said I am purchasing a guide how to earn 5000 months. Well it was pure luck i was there to stop.

    Moral of the story, in my country we have different languages so we did not have scam like that only until recently, now scams like this you can find in every language. It scares me how older people fall for this.

    p.s. It was very similiar site to the one you have made, because they all similar, happy people, photo of checks, bank accounts with huge amount money and so on.
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    There are scams in every form of life. Internet Marketing is just one of them. Most scams rely on those who are vulnerable or naive. Think with your head and not with your heart. Use common sense and you should be fine.
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    Common sense is all you need.
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    Nice work lol. I'm really enjoying the "WSO", maybe I might even buy it!

    However, scams and unsubstantiated claims have been made....forever. It's just that with the opening up of the internet to the public in the last 25 years, it just gives people another avenue to scam.

    Unfortunately, there will always be gullible people, who don't use their processing centers (brains) to actually parse out whether the info is true or now.

    Just how life is
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    From my point of view, WF should heavily clean up their WSO section.

    Perhaps implement some sort of product quality check, before WSO's are launched.

    For those of us with an ACTUAL product, it's impossible to use "white-hat" marketing techniques, because every other thread is promising away millions (which people fall for), so when you have a real opportunity, and you don't want to mislead your customers, it won't shine through in the jungle of promising millionaire makers.

    If John Doe wants to get into marketing and he's presenting with 30 offers promoting him to copy/paste methods that made other people 50,000$ in a month. And a single one with a realistic promise. He will still pick one of the 30 others, because greed makes John naive. So once he finds out that doesn't work, John will try out maybe 5 other millionaire-makers before he finally gives up. Leaving any real opportunities left behind.
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    WF should do thorough checks of products that are going to be featured in the WSO.

    If any claims are made, these claims must be evaluated if they are realistic based on the business model presented.

    Titles and ads should be cleaned up to only show and tell exactly what the product is.

    Not a title like [WSO OF THE DAY] I MADE $300,000 LAST MONTH, HERE'S MY SYSTEM.

    Well, guys. Nobody makes $300,000 without already having been in the business for years and having built a huge list/product already. Even if that person gives out his exact methods, they would be no where near replicable for 99,99% of the buyers.
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    People fall for scams all the time, just look at who's in the White House right now. His whole campaign was a walking talking squeeze page.

    Anyway, back on topic ... It doesn't necessarily make something a scam simply because they use this style of copywriting. The scammers didn't invent the "squeeze page", they simply took what worked and used it to perpetuate their scams. The fact is the message resonates with a lot of people, because those of us who have found success online have likely gone through a ton of failures before getting there, and those of us who haven't would love to have access to the mind of someone who's "been there" and skip all of that trial and error. There are two ways to make money in this world ... you can monetize your labor, or you can monetize your knowledge. I try constantly to teach this to web designers, because they all have a tendency to charge for their time but not for the knowledge they have acquired.

    The wealthiest people in the world are wealthy because they KNOW things other people don't, not because they're sitting there "doing the work". But not everyone is at that point in their career path yet, so their only way to make an income is to monetize their labor, and that's where the perfect blend of teacher and student come together and win. Those who feel more comfortable monetizing their labor can do so by getting access to the knowledge of someone who's already been there.

    Knocking the pitch style simply because it's "also used by scammers" is like saying you shouldn't use PayPal because scammers also use PayPal to launder money. The key is to do your homework, and look at WHO is posting. If Donald Trump wrote a book revealing the secret formula he uses to buy commercial real estate and flip it for a profit, people would listen, because they know he's done it successfully.
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    The problem is that the honest sellers are not taking in consideration just because they're not capable to offer the "miracles" as all the fake one are giving.
    I have the same problem in trying to explain to others that there are no miracle neither in Software, neither in Real Estate and, of course, neither in REAL LIFE.
    Thank you for this post but still will be few that will read and will be fewer that will take a lesson from it. We're all running for the Mermaids and we're hoping that they will kiss us )))
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    I see what you're saying Ron - and I never said that just because people are using this setup to build an ad, it means they are scammers.

    I however think, if you're a serious seller, with a serious product, you should focus on selling the actual product and not the promise of getting rich beyond reality. That's where most scammers are filtered out.
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    Haha, nice work breaking down the good old fashioned sales page there. I especially like the picture of the guy standing next to someone else's Ferrari!
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    Originally Posted by FortyNick View Post

    What if I told you there are numerous threads on marketing forums that teaches you exactly how you can scam people out of their money by selling them a pipe-dream.
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    The world is full of scams. But the truth is that when you go for genuine products there are no sale. I am from India and skin color is very important in our country. So there is a huge market of products which makes skin fairer. These advertisements are so hyped that despite the known truth people buy them madly. But what if these companies say that there is no magic but yes these products will keep your skin nourished and good looking. I bet, there will hardly be any sales to even get them at their break even point.

    There are lot of WSO's which are hyped and have good sales (100s of copies first day). But there are genuine WSO's also whose sales copy does not claim any hyped unbelievable promises have either no or very low sale.

    So I think the author is forced to make a hyped sales copy to get their sales. But this way the genuine ones are the most affected.

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    Sorry I couldnt resist it.
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    Wait, where is the buy button? I think this is the one.
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    Originally Posted by FortyNick View Post

    I spent 10 minutes, making the ad above. If I had spent a bit longer, removed the sarcasm and the obvious joke-text. I would have an A+ ad that hundreds of people would fall into immediately.
    Serious question: Do you have any resources where an artistically-challenged guy like myself can learn enough graphic design to make a sales page like the one you've shown here?

    Not to scam people of course, but to sell real products.
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    @Horny Devil

    You have some valid points, but my clear oppinion is that everytime you have a dishonest seller = PROBLEM

    He just shouldn't be given the opportunity in the first place. Specially not in a place like WF where all WSO's are undergoing checks before they get up.

    Of course the WSO part of WF is a huge moneymaker for the owners, but letting too much crap pass, will slowly destroy the quality of this forum.
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    this made my laugh hard. What font it is? Ironically I want to use it for my WSO but mine is an actual product I had coded. Rather than some training course I invented that would only ever make me money.
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    Lol, that sales page pretty much sums it up, you left out his friends posting things like " YOU MUST BE OUT YOUR MIND FOR SELLING THIS AT SUCH A LOW PRICE, RAISE THE PRICE " or " Joe Blow has done it again "

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    Haha I love when humor can enter the world of internet marketing, because I really "get it" and it is sad when many people fall for this, the quick-fixes.

    This is also a fine line for me to walk, and for all us doing marketing; how do we balance what results the use of our products can really deliver and not? (I've touched on this issue in another thread long ago)

    However, I love the humor and I would also say; "A 100 % GUARANTEE TO MAKE YOU FEEL SAFER ABOUT YOUR STUPID DECISION YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO DUE TO PERSONAL IMPULSIVE ISSUES. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR WASTING YOUR MONEY ONE ME" (only pun-intended, joke intended, no offense to any marketer using guarantee-technique).

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Dear Warriors! / Max "MaxTheMarketer" K.
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    That's an awful lot of work just to whine about the same thing that many others have already whined about. There's the door...don't let it hit you on the ass on your way out.

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