Keyword confusion and newbie questions

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Hey y'all!

I've been lurking around here for about a year or so. I finally decided enough "analysis" and start doing something. But...

In my learning process I keep seeing discussions about keyword this/keyword that and it's startin' to make my head split!!! I've done searches on the old forum but it's kinda hard to sort through the info 'cuz I'm at the point where "I don't know what I don't know"! <laugh>

I think I've got the concepts down but I'd like to be sure before I dive right in. Can someone confirm my understanding of this process? (My thoughts italicized)
  • Keyword research (i'll use KWR going forward for simplicity) needs to be done at the beginning stages in order to find out what niches are popular, i.e. what potential customers are looking for. If this is correct, am I looking for daily or monthly # of searches? Or does it matter?
  • One you're decided on a niche, more kwr needs to be done in order to incorporate keyword into your articles (for bum marketing), or your website/blog (for affiliate marketing or adsense). If this is true, do I use the same tool(s) I used to find what customers are looking for?
  • Long-tail keywords: my understanding is that they are the more uncommon phrases that would be searched for in a given niche, therefore they would not have as much competition, but also, not as many searches, meaning less potential customers. Example if the niche is contact lenses and you have a keyword of "organic contact lens saline solution". If I am way off base here please advise. Before y'all jump on me I did search for this but I can't figure out to relate the info I found to keywords. It seemed to be geared more toward marketing in general.
  • How do keyword generators fit into this whole process?
Well, I think that's it - for now <grin>. If I could just clarify my understanding of these concepts I'd really be more comfortable moving forward. I know about the "paralysis of analysis" and am trying not to be that guy, but I don't wanna just jump in half-assed, either.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mr. G
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    a keyword generator simply generates more possible variations to research.

    with this tool you can also see advertiser competition and bid prices-- around the middle of the results page ( above the fold) you will see a drop menu. choose to "show all" variables

    then you google it to see how much competition you have. don't be alarmed with high numbers. not every result is a competing site.

    now just to scramble the eggs completely, check this out---- a tool to check the commercial intent behind a search term. very interesting......
    Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Audience Intelligence: adCenter Labs

    and then you have to do it for a GOOD product, from a GOOD company, with a GOOD conversion rate.

    if this sounds demoralizing, keep in mind how long it takes to qualify in any other trade. and this one you are teaching yourself........

    stick with it. it gets better.
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      Keyword research isn't very complicated. You just need to find a phrase that gets plenty of searches and doesn't have too much competition. Then you can base a blog/website/product around it.

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