Gmail tabbed email inbox - getting emails into Primary not "Promotions" tab

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Hi -

Looks like gmail just rolled out the new tabbed version today. It's important to have emails delivered to the main Primary inbox, not the Promotions tab (or do all emails automatically go to Primary? and if a user moves any of your emails to Promotions, will all your future emails be banished there... any ideas on that? It's an important thing to "get right", for gmail deliverability.

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    I don't have hard details, but I think this will be hard to do.

    Gmail is probably looking for keywords in the header of the email. For example, all legitimate email providers send messages with a "list-unsubscribe" header. All Gmail needs to do is filter those messages into the Promotions tab. There are other giveaways, like IP addresses and return paths as well.

    Once we have a better idea exactly how they're filtering, then we can make adjustments.
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    I've noticed my emails are going into the "primary" tab so far, but still not sure what variables gmail looks for.

    I will narrow it down soon enough.

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    They'll keep changing their variables as people catch on and start trying to manipulate things. Just like SEO.

    Just keep in mind that the average buyer in this industry would be pretty lonely without all of those product emails every day. They actually like looking through them. That's what opportunity seekers are. So they are not just going to ignore all of those emails because they are in a different tab.
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    This update has just occurred on my gmail and many marketer promotions have been effectively sidelined to the Promotions tab.

    Fortunately so have Groupon & LivingSocial which gives people a reason to click on it.

    However, this will make it much harder for marketers since it will be harder to tempt people with a catchy headline amongst all their regular mail.

    Not all marketer emails have been sidelined but as yet I have not found any common denominators. It is not simply the unsubscribe link or text - although that would be one very easy way for Google to categorise promotional emails.

    Lets hope lots of important & innocent emails get caught up too to keep people clicking over.

    However it is quite audacious of Google to decide for you what is important etc.

    I notice my Google Alerts & other Google mail don't seem to be effected!

    It will be interested to see what other people come up with. No doubt there will be a WSO along within a week
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    I have been selling solos and have not noticed any major changes in my clicks...Thank God...

    Jason Parker one of my fav. marketers is going to do a webinar covering how to fight back into googles games if you white list his emails so they go into main inbox.
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    I think this move by GMail is very unnecessary and will only confuse Gmail users.
    When i sign in i have to check 3 tabs to check my mail. That is foolishness!!!
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    Systems will continue to change - people will continue to adapt - but some will be lost on the way.

    In which category would you like to end up ? The whiners or the winners ? It all depends on mentality.

    Also, you have tot realize that Google doesn't care about the marketers - they care about their customers; whether this will be a beneficial change for the end user they'll measure with their feedback instruments; if it's not, they'll get back to the old settings, but if it is.. we have no reason to complain, it's just progress.. Adapt!
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    Lots of debate about this topic here:

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    I am sure one of us will work it out but then Google will probably change it again.
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    There will be a FLIGHT TO QUALITY. People who send quality updates will probably BENEFIT the most because there is LESS COMPETITION.

    This is actually good news if you are a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and you conduct yourself with INTEGRITY and always seek to ADD VALUE TO THE LIVES of your LIST MEMBERS.

    Let's hope the filters get EVEN TIGHTER in the future. This can only push people to step their game up and deliver QUALITY.

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