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I am currently trying to record a PowerPoint presentation for my sales page. I am having trouble because I am getting a huge file size! Can anyone tell me what the optimum settings would be to record this and then embed it on our sales page for the best viewing experience?

Thanks everyone!

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    You really just have to play around with the settings in Camtasia.It also depends on what kind of flash player your going to use.

    If you're using Camtasia standard flash player, the settings are going to be different, as compared to using an external flash player that you already have.

    You can create your video and save it as a .WMV, or .AVI file and use an external application to convert to FLV and integrate flash player at the same time.

    Frank Bruno
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      Also...don't forget that you don't have to record PowerPoint presentations at full screen!

      Decide what the final window size you want is and record your PPT at that size. This usually reduces the file size dramatically.

      Check the PPT Help to see how to run Slide Show mode in a window instead of full screen...

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