Bluehost is getting unreliable, hosting suggestions?

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I have used Bluehost for a few years now. They are a good value for the price but recently (last 6-12 months) I have noticed that my sites that are hosted with them go down a lot.

I will be working on a site, trying to put content up or something, and suddenly the site just doesn't load. Sometimes this lasts for up to a few hours. I'll come back to my site later in the day and occasionally it still doesn't load. Then I'll come back at night and finally the site will be working. But in the meantime I've lost valuable time that I wanted to use working on my site. Also the visitors can't be too happy about it either.

(Before you suggest it, no, it is not a problem with my internet)

So... I need hosting suggestions. Ideally I'd like a shared hosting plan similar to what Bluehost offers. But I need something that is reliable and doesn't have so much downtime as Bluehost has (seriously, I get downtime with Bluehost at least once every other week while I'm working on my site, it's ridiculous).

Suggestions for reliable hosting?
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    I like JustHost. I was working on a client site adding a subdomain on BlueHost and they claimed that action wiped out our main database. When they reloaded a 24 hour old backup it was missing several critical files. The technical service person was completely unhelpful.

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    Been using HawkHost for about 2 years now and am very pleased with them...
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    Using hostgator and everythings been fine so far. also they use wind power to power all their servers and equipment which is a plus.
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    What i like is hostgator , i use them for most of my sites
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    HostGator is a reliable alternative, their baby plan is not only cheap but also reliable, exactly something you're looking for. I personally have used them during my initial business startup.
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    Curtis2011, do you have specific requirements in mind?
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    I'd like to add my own vote for Hostgator. They're reliable, user friendly, AND they have 24/7 customer support that's knowledgeable, helpful, and very, very patient.

    Plus the baby plan is a great deal, as XinYun pointed out. I've been with them for years now and have several accounts including a reseller account. Love them!
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    Been using for about 5 years now and am very pleased with them...

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    My site hosting with hostgator and its fine for me.
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    My vote is for HostGator

    - Extremely affordable pricing

    - They have an extensive security custom firewall that protects its server

    - 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

    - Availability of customer supports via telephone, email and live chat
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    I've been with HostGator for years and never considered moving hosts
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    What is your Current requirements for your websites, I mean how much disk space and Bandwidth you need.
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    Can't go wrong with Hostgator.
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    Funny, 90% of the comments are recommending companies owned by the same exact parent company. You're bound to have similar problems.

    What are your requirements? I'd recommend checking the hosting offers section however, read the threads entirely as some so called web hosts have advertised too good to be true packages and then provide poor service.

    Web Hosting Offers

    At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. When you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys.

    What's your max budget and requirements? What types of sites are you looking to host and what additional features are you looking for?
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    HostGator all the way!
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    Here is another vote for HawkHost.
    I have found their service to be rock solid, with excellent tech support.
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    justhost and bluehost are sister companies. for 100% uptime, you can go to jauguarpc.
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    I have been a customer with Hostgator for a couple years. I monitor the downtime on my website with SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service and have only had 5 min's down in the last 2 months. Page load times are great. Hostgator has alot of customers but they don't seem to oversell the servers so its not a problem.
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    I use iPage and GVO. Both are good enough for hosting. Some reviews for iPage show that their hosting is the best for quality/cost.

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