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What are some of the best mind mapping programs Warriors are using? Also, for what tasks do you use your mind mapping?
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    i use mindjet mind manager 6, i've test some other, but i prefer mindjet
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      I have tried several and also settled on Mindjet's Mindmanager. I have version 7.
      I use mindmaps for plotting out plans for my future projects and also for workflow for current business projects. I also use mindmapping to make book reports of books I read so that I have the main points available in a concise manner.
      Check out the mindmap gallery at to get more ideas.
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    Mindjet Mindmanager kicks ass.
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      I wanted to thank each of you for replying. The information you provided has been very helpful.
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    Freemind is great (and free). You can easily add icons, links. And it's leaf expanding/contracting makes it great for demoing products and systems.
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    I abolutely LOVE Mindjet Mindmanager version 7.

    I often take sections of mindmaps and incorporate
    them into products, or email them to clients or
    partners, when trying to explain something :-)

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    Funny how confused we are these days that we need some software to manage our minds..

    As for me I haven't used any software yet, what I do is I draw those circles and their connections in paper and post them infront of me..Barbaric eh..

    Better try new technologies..

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    i use mindjet

    works fine for me

    Cheers Patrick
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    Originally Posted by Ken Nubo View Post

    I use a pen and paper.
    From time to time I use the pen and paper too - but get problems when I want to transfer it to the computer - I use then Mindjet Mindmanager 6 .

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      Freemind does everything I need.

      As far as what I use it for. First, organizing projects, launches, ebooks, etc. It's sticky notes on steroids. Second, I use it for meetings with offline clients. It walks them through a series of questions, and makes the process less boring, and much more engaging and interactive with the customers. Mine is designed to lead the customer toward either 1) redesigning their existing website (if it's not functional now) or 2) promoting the existing website (if it's in good shape).

      At the end of the day, the most valuable aspect to a well done mindmap is that it quickly shows the customer that you have (and showed up with) a plan .. something which most customers don't have! That in itself is worth the price of admission!

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    I've been using MindManager for quite a while now. The latest version even lets you generate "live" maps as SWF files that can be embedded in PDFs, posted to web sites, or shared via email.

    They also have a service that lets you collaborate over the web.

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    You might want to check out: Smooth, flexible and creative mind mapping solution | Seavus DropMind It's an easy to use alternative to the applications already mentioned.

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    Yes, I like XMind as well.

    Mind Mapping is great for reminding you of all the CONNECTIONS between things. For example, I have a mind map on TRAFFIC, which reminds me of how things link up or are inter-related.

    Every time I learn a new technique, I add it to my mind map, which serves both as a reminder, and so I can see how best to apply it.

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