How Do I Check The Originality Of My Articles?

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Hey warriors,

I am just wondering if there is a copyscape website where I can enter my article to see the uniqueness of my article.

Like you know some people would say your article is 30% unique or 50% etc.

I just need a service to test some of the articles that I have outsourced.

If Anyone know of any service please let me know

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    Yea me too i was looking for this kind of services too.

    It would be a great help.

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    dupe free pro, free software
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    I have been using dupe free pro software and a great free online plagiarism checker is "". It is fast and very convenient.
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    I use also. It seems accurate to me and I've never had a plagiarism problem.
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    i think copyscape being very BAD since it can easily fooled by simple javascript code outputting text via javascript code.

    This makes copyscape think it's unique (while its not). There are far better sites for checking for duplicate contents. CS is very overrated and uses a very simple/bad method.
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    Unfortunately those services only check out either whole articles or entire paragraphs. It's possible to have an entire article ripped off without it being detected by copyscape simply by replacing a few words in a paragraph.

    You can have articles 95% ripped of and copyscape would still not detect them.


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