Anyone else having problems with Namecheap?

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I have 2 websites hosted by Namecheap and they have both been down all day. I did not have much of a chance to work yesterday, so I am not sure how long they could have been down last night.

I reported the problem to them about 10 hours ago and received an email within about 45 minutes that said they were working on it... nothing since then though.

Is anyone else having problems with Namecheap hosting?
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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

    Here's the notice they have posted if you login to your Namecheap account:

    Issue with server4
    Currently our is under DDOS attack. You can expect problems with your sites working. Our technicians are working on this issue. We do apologize for all possible inconveniences caused to you and will keep you updated.
    Namecheaphosting Team
    Ha, now I see the BIG YELLOW message at the top of the screen.

    Thanks for pointing that out to me Jeff!

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