Have you made a back up today?

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Hello Warriors,

I woke up this morning, fired up my main PC, and Windows would not load.

I tried to start Windows in Safe Mode, and that didn't work.

I tried to load the Last Known Configuration, and that didn't work.

I figured, ok, I might have to re-install Windows, and that should fix the problem right?


My main C drive was listed as Unknown, and to re-install windows I would have to
Reformat the drive. Not a chance, all my important data was on this drive, and
formatting it meant I would lose everything on that drive.

After spending the last 6 hours today attempting to recover the data from my main
hard drive, I finally was able to recover everything on my drive, and I'm re-installing
Windows as we speak. Lucky for me, I have 2 computers that I work with....

My question to you is, do you have a Master Back Up of your important data OFFLINE
on DVD's, in case your hard drive ever fails on you?

If you don't, for your sake, make one now, and get into the routine of making regular back ups.

I used to have the attitude that it would never happen to me, and it had been a couple
months since I did a master back up, so, if I lost everything, it would've been a nightmare
to recover from.

Consider this as your reminder to start backing up now, and don't think that it will
never happen to you, because hard drives have a life span of 5 - 10 years, and it's
not a question of "IF they will fail, but rather, When"

Carlos Garcia
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    That's very good advice as I always put off my backups. Thanks for the reminder though and sorry for the trouble you had to go through!
  • Profile picture of the author Rachel Rofe
    Seems like lots of people are having this problem lately.

    I awesomely downloaded a virus today and am going to end up losing everything... I'm pretty happy about it, though. I find once I have no distractions I do a zillion times better anyway. I should probably never do a back-up just for this reason.

    In other news, there's an awesome site a lot of people rave about (that I've yet to try myself): Online Backup: Easy, Completely Automatic. Secure. Carbonite.

    $50 for the year, not too shabby.
  • Profile picture of the author Dan Liptak
    Yes, backups are very important. I had a HD crash on Thursday. Luckily it was my backup drive.

    Also, don't forget about offsite backups.
    • Profile picture of the author Alexandre Valois
      After seeing my business go bust twice when I started out, I say we can never stress the importance of back-ups enough.

      A couple months ago I bought a one-click backup external disk drive, and run a full maintenance and backup once a week.

      That is on top of my hard copies (dvd backups).

      And now that I switched to a dedicated server, online backup service included as well.

      You can never be too cautious they say?

      Think of it as an internet marketer's insurance

      @ Rach now - Girl, shoulda told me about that sooner, I got a couple nasties I can send your way
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    You can now buy the great PC Backup and Recovery tool "Acronis"
    for less than $10 (instead of $50) - just in the next 6 days!

    I will do your backups automatically when you tell it to.

    More details at my blog (see my signature): http://www.bestitfriend.org/blog

    Yes I do get a comission if you buy it through my blog, but I stand
    by this product with all my 25 years of computing experience
    and I have been using it at home and work for years.

    It is a great product.

    Do yourself a favour and buy it (even if you miss the promotion).



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