Paypal statements. Not so straight forward.

by Marty S 5 replies
Does anybody else find paypal statements as confusing as an airport after ingesting magic mushrooms?

Anyway my bookkeeper was trying to find just a simple month end balance on any given date. All she wanted to do was reconcile with our Simply Accounting. Since Paypal also takes lite years to answer, I thought someone here might be able to show me the way.

Thank you in advance.
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    I find them pretty easy to understand.

    They're not the ideal statement, but aren't that bad either!
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      Originally Posted by grangonzo View Post

      I find them pretty easy to understand.

      They're not the ideal statement, but aren't that bad either!
      Ok great you should be able to tell me this then - how do you find your account balance for any particular month past?
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        In your paypal account, under "history" go to "reports" rather than downloads. You may need to also have the downloads to keep a file of day by day details of each transactions - but the reports are easy to read and understand.


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          As Kay has said, try "Reports" under the "History" tag in your "My Account" page.

          If you look directly under the "History" page though, you should find a drop down menu containing your statements for each of the last three months.

          I think that you will probably need to experiment with the various options inluding perhaps using the search function to refine your likely requirements, in order to find the one(s) that most closely meets your requirements.

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