Does anyone use EZ S3 for Amazon Hosting?

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Hey everyone,

I have been struggling with Amazon S3 trying to get video streaming from there.

I came across the 14 day trial with EZS3 and it's been really easy. It generates the code to put on your site which is excellent.

So, for you users of this service. If you don't go ahead with the service after 14 days, does all the work become irreverent? I notice that their EZ code is inside the javascipt?

Any ideas?

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    I use them also. I'm pretty sure their code talks to a .swf file on their server that creates the actual player while the actual media file resides at Amazon.
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    Your work isn't wasted as we continue to host the players you make.. in the hope that you will come back and use the service. You won't be able to get at the viewer stats etc.

    We are adding features - like the CloudFront Enabler to make video delivery faster and easier

    ...but I am keeping a watching eye on things and the cost of hosting players..


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      I dont use EZ S3 for amazon but I know Mike Stewart has released an amazing piece of kit called the the S3 Media Player. Along with his video landing page creator they make putting videos and streaming a doddle.

      Hope this helps, would definately recommend
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    Hi Mate,

    I use it! And I use the Firefox plugin to
    upload the videos and set the permissions.

    Works like magic!

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester

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