The Only Secret To Success? It Is Right There

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I am just chatting with James Brown and I think he has shared with me his secret to success.

I quote his exact words:

=> take action, work hard, be persistent & finally, never ever give up!

Another quality which I see in experienced and success Internet marketing gurus is that they are always praising their students and giving them the credits for their own success such as "He is a very hard working guy and takes my advice and actually does something, not a lot of people do that."
(Another quote from James.)

Imagine the encouragement given to the mentee in this case.

In my own opinion, this is the secret to success.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Profile picture of the author Tristan Bull
    True John.

    It sounds simple but nothing will ever happen if you personally don't take action.

    Taking action is the only way to get a result, from there you can tweak and improve but the starting point is taking action.

    • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
      Yes, John
      Action is the KEY.

      I read somewhere that GOOD or BAD, both actions are GREAT for me to progress, until they are fatal. So every Warrior is encouraged to take ACTION, do not fear of failure, as not taking ACTION nothing is going to happen, And by taking action, you will be a success or
      you will learn a GREAT lesson (another essential of SUCCESS :-)

  • Profile picture of the author ktian
    I totally agree with you!

    My philosophy is a little different
    1) Take action and work hard
    2) Notice if the strategy you are using is working or not, and have the flexibility to change your action plan if it is not
    3) Be persistent and never give up!

    • Profile picture of the author Tristan Bull
      Yeah you still have to improve on the actions you take and have a game plan. Taking action is the starting point but you have to be smart and learn from the action you take and improve on it.

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