Blogger - NOT automatically added to Google?

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I've just been testing a few things out of interest, and one of them was creating a Blogger blog, and then see how long it takes for Google to index it.

I thought when Google opened Blogger that they'd automatically index new sites?

Has this changed, or has it never been the case?

I've never actually created a Blogger site until now...

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    create blog.. pump its xml feed via the rss aggregators

    sometimes as fast as 15 mins indexing.. other times 24 hours.. seems to go in cycles.. some days they all get in fast.. though Ive had times where it can take up to two days.. but its always easy to get them in.

    see my list of Rss Aggregators here.


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      of course the above applies to all blogs. not just blogger blogs, or any site with a feed.
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      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for that!

      So basically you just go to all of those sites you've listed, create an account on each, and then add your RSS URL to each system?

      There's nothing else to do?


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