I Have a Subscriber!!!

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And it's somebody I don't even know!

When I joined WF a month and a half ago, I didn't even have a list. Okay, I do have one list, but I've never been able to monetize it... Anyway, I've had other lists in the past, many years ago, and never got anything out of them. I probably didn't use them effectively.

A week after joining WF, I learned about Aweber and signed up. I started a list for one of my sites, and immediately got 1 subscriber. But, that was someone I knew, so I kind of feel like that doesn't count. Not that he's not an important subscriber, but it's not like a total stranger just up and signed up.

Later, I bought a ready-made website (WSO), then some PLR articles in the same niche (WSO) and put up a new website, mid-August. I used an eBook as a freebie if you sign up for the list. Got some incoming links, even tried some ads on AdWords. Nothing. No signups at all.

Last weekend, I revamped the site and content, converting it to a WordPress blog. Not sure if that's had any impact, other than it makes it easier for me to promote.

Now, today, I got my first subscriber! Yay! It's so exciting.
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  • Profile picture of the author lakshaybehl

    That just feels so 4 dimensional, isn't it?

    I remember the feeling... But jst wait till yuou make your first sale... You will be on cloud 9.
  • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez
    Sweet Dan! Wait unit you get your 100,000th subscriber......

    Like Fabian stated, it's the "first of many" my friend......

    • Profile picture of the author Tristan Bull
      Congrats Dan. Now make sure you look after your subscribers and treat them right and they will be a subscriber/customer of yours for life.
  • Profile picture of the author TimothyP

    I remember my first one ... I was certain that my mail server had screwed up and sent the message to the wrong person!

    Treat that subscriber, and the ones that follow with the respect worthy of your new best friend and you're on your way!
    • Profile picture of the author VinceNouvel
      I remember the day when i keep checking my email to see if I have some more new subsciber signing up to my list.. Lol
      Its sure fun..

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