Ebook font size and type?

by Vanquish 12 replies
Does anyone know what the standard font and size for an ebook pdf is?

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    I don't know if there is a true "standard", but I like 12pt Verdana
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    I've written tons of eBooks and the best are:

    - Font size 12
    - Verdana, Arial or Tahoma
    - Double spacing
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    anything without serifs will work.


    they are easier to read

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    I find Microsoft's ClearType fonts (particularily Calibri) to be very readable, although I believe they are best with newer displays.

    Failing that, you can't go wrong with Verdana, which, I believe, was specifically designed to be readable at smaller sizes on a computer screen. I think it looks okay when printed-out too, as long as you aren't printing dozens and dozens of pages.

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    Oh, here comes the 'opinion-as-fact' crowd...

    In which case...

    Georgia, 13pt, Justified.

    You're welcome


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      Originally Posted by Steven Fullman View Post

      ... 'opinion-as-fact' ...
      I prefer fact as opinion...
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        Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

        I prefer fact as opinion...
        Me too, Thomas.

        Thing is, not everyone accepts our opinion as fact. Or vice versa.

        That bothers me...


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    There isn't a standard however size 12 works very well.
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    Or.... go completely unconventional. Instead of having to go by the standard (and if there is such a standardized practice), you create a new trend that others almost want to imitate.

    I think that will be interesting... (OK, it didn't answer the question you asked .
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    After trying many variations, I now standardize my pages with:

    12pt. Georgia, 1.5 line spacing and ranged left.

    Of course, all these answers are entirely subjective - even mine!
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    yeah, i tried all those options for my 1st ebook just now, and personally like 12 point verdana the best for the main text, its nicely spaced out and looks appealing and 1.5 spacing

    If I bold any words, i turn them into size 13 verdana and bold also. Sheila
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      Research has proven that straight fonts are easier to read online.

      So choose a sans serif font like:
      Arial, Tahoma, Verdana

      Set at 12 point for easier reading. But if it's in a pdf, remember that the page can be resized 200% and more to accommodate people with vision difficulties.

      At the very least, 1-1/2 line spacing, and wide margins so the line length is shorter and easier to read.

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