Do you have a List? (bodybuilding, muscle gain fitness, health, weightloss)

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I am looking for anyone here with a list related to bodybuilding and muscle gain. Possibly also in weight loss, fitness & health.

We are testing this thing right now. We have an offer and would like to do a solo mailing. We want a really good responsive list.

Please get back with me with info on your list. How old, how big and is it hosted by third party service like aweber?

PM or email

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    Great I've been waiting for someone to speak up and ask for anyone with a list... I've actually built a list of 2,405,736,261 subscribers but I don't know what to do with them all.

    They are hosted on aWeber and I'm paying over $100,000 a month to have the database there.

    Now if this sounds a little crazy then you'll understand that asking for someone with a list without details of what's in it for me on only your 3rd post to this forum probably sounds a little crazy too....

    I mean, your post wreaks of forum spam in a BIG way. No details, no contact info other than a gmail account ... you've got to be out of your mind?

    Mike Hill

    PS. YES I am being rude!

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