Do You Accept Blog Links From Blog Farms?

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Hi Warriors,

There are lots of blog farms on the internet there are generally just automated blogs created by linking to lots and lots of feeds and they make money by using Adsense.

Do you accept such link backs?

As my blog is relatively new, I've already had a few and for one of my posts, I've had about 4 of them from the same IP. I've yet to approve that because of the impression it might leave my readers.

Does accepting all such links help or harm a blog?

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  • Profile picture of the author Solidsnake
    I always delete them... Nothing we can gain from allowing them to link to our blogs... But if you are using dofollow trackbak, then you can allow.
    • Profile picture of the author Asher
      Thing is, I've also read that allowing a portion of such links can also help build up the blog.

      How true is that?

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