How Do You Chnage Your Voice In Camtasia Studio?

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Hello my friends,

I just wanted to ask if someone know's how to change the voice in camtasia studio. I'm creating a product for a few months now and I want to change the my voice on the recordings that I have. I want to simply put a voice over mine.

I heard all kinds of videos the big guru's that have the same voice. I want to try it too.

If someone can help me with this that would be really appreciated.

Mike Hersh
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    They probably had the audio read by a voiceover talent. Then they simply laid the audio track in Camtasia.

    This guy's great, btw.
    Affordable, Professional Voice Overs by Scott Woodside | Voiceover
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      There are "voice change" and "fake voice" softwares out there. Try Googling it to browse.

      None of them are all that great. mostly just used to pull pranks on friends and prank phone calls...or to sound like a demon or orc or whatever in some MMORPG game.
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    To have another person's voice on a Camtasia Video, simply have your existing narration transcribed, and get a professional voice-over artiste to record it. Then open up Camtasia editor, mute Audio 1, and edit the new recording onto your existing pictures via Audio 2.
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      I didn't know about these kind of services, so thanks for the link.

      I come from a part of England where we have a strong regional accent and I don't think it would be understood by a lot of people from other parts of the world.

      Are there any UK warriors who provide this kind of service or are there just American voice over men/women?


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