Making money online for a fee?

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First let me introduce myself...
My name is Dominik Vig and I am from Croatia (middle Europe). I have been online for 6 years now and part of that 3 years of learning IM. I have solid income from my freelance services and a steady salary on my real j.o.b. I am not claiming to be a guru when it comes to creating income on the net and probably never will be. I have been stuck in front of my first commodore 64 when I was 7.

I will cut to the chase. I have met this guy who will be my investor and he is very interested in IM. We have talked for several hours and he will invest in my ideas and have several ideas of his own. (this is not a sales letter to pitch you).
I have told him a have the greatest advantage when it comes to IM. I know a place where all the best of the best hang out (you guess it right) the WF.

I am interested in people who made some good quality money in IM and still making a nice amount. I want several people on the project called: "retirement".
If you can produce cash online and stand behind your word I will hire you. I will pay you a plain ticket and you will be staying at a hotel. I want to meet you in person because this could be your ticket to retirement and I need someone I can trust.

I will not hire just about everyone who posts on this thread so please no hard feelings.
You would work for my client and I will assure you with a contract of course that you will be getting x$ a month for your work as long as you produce income witch is greater than your x$. If you are smart you could outsorce the entire project that you do. I am talknig about mayor money here.

Don't laugh! This is serious. This major project starts next year first month so you have time to think it over.

It is not my intention to brag or anything. Help me and I will help you. This could be your ticket to retirement. Probably many of you who make income online say to yourself: "if ony I had x to start with I could produce so much more...". I am offering you that x$ ! Price should match the quality.

Have a niche day!
Dominik Vig
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