Can't Go Past $100 a Week

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For about 6 weeks ive failed to go over $100 a week.. the sales are never consistant.

Ive tried many different things, used alot of social bookmarking, blogs, forums etc.

I think it's time to start on a new project? What do you think?
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    Hi JeffersonB,

    Are you stating that each week you've made sales but they're never above $100...

    Or are you stating for the past 6 weeks you've made less than $100 in total?

    I don't think it's time to start on a new project, I think it's best to find out what you need to do to improve on your current project to succeed. Once that's done, THEN you move on to another project.

    It's your world.

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      You need to know what your doing wrong - something is limiting your pay check! This needs to be sorted ASAP, so you can earn $$$$$.
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      Have you tried article marketing? Are you promoting products
      with good landing pages, Are you building links? Do you do
      blog commenting?

      Maybe you need to promote a product that sells for more money.
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    Man get a .com domain name for the water gas market. Install a Wordpress blog and create a review of a product for this market. Get TrackBoost.
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      Isnt the water gas market pretty hard to get into? I don't really know much about it to be honest
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    I see you live in London. The quickest sales you can make are from trusted companies. Did you know you can make as much as £125 ($250) per sign up promoting broadband packages (from 3, BT, Virgin, etc). Many UK companies have affiliate programs that you can join. Create a simple website with a page consisting of reviews of 3 of the companies. Write 20-50 good articles about broadband and submit to ezinearticles. Link to your site from the author bio inviting people to click the link and see the offers. Write another 20-100 simple articles on the topic for Squidoo and Hubpages. You can realistically achieve this in one month. Choose another niche and repeat. Write more articles regularly for the niches that are making you money. Don't quit. Give this a 100% run for at least three months.

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