Looking for Beta Testers

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I am looking for Beta Testers for a website I have finally managed to get finished. And about time, too

The website is MiniSitePacks.com.

Try to break the system if you can. I need the registration process tested as well as the downloading, etc. You will receive 10 credits when you register so you can test that part out as well.

Feel free to use the minisitepack or Photoshop action that you download as a thank you for your help. But please don't sign up just so you can get something for free. I need serious beta testers. It won't take too much of your time.

I just need 10-20 beta testers so will keep the free credits on until I get that many. You can report any bugs or feedback via the contact section at the website.

Your help is much appreciated!
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    Unfortunately, I don't have time to test right now, but I just wanted to say it *looks* great! :-)

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    My e-mail address has an underscore in it (Example: JOHN_RODRIGUEZ@DOMAIN.COM).

    Your sign up form would not take the "_"

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      I signed up login was succesful. I got the confirmation mail and everything. I think where you go sign up could be more noticable in my opinion.
      I downloaded one of the mini sites pack and it went ok.
      I clickeed just about everything and it sems to be all in place. Even the pay buttons work correctly. I never purchased credits to se if it lead back to the site but everything else is fine

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