What are the "standard" YouTube video sizes?

Profile picture of the author Johnny12345 by Johnny12345 Posted: 05/09/2009
YouTube seems to be in a constant state of flux. As far as I know, the "standard" sizes now being used on YouTube are:

640 x 360 (for 16:9 "widescreen" video)


640 x 480 (for 4:3 "regular" video)

Is this still the case, or am I "behind the curve," again?

Also... most YouTube videos have a pixel aspect ratio of 1 (square). However, for HD should the pixel aspect ratio actually be 1.2 (with a 4:3 frame ratio)? Anybody know?


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    Somebody must know -- is nobody using YouTube?!

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    Hey Johnny,

    I'm beyond positive you've found an answer in the 3.5 years this question has been lingering here, but in case you didn't, I found this link to be pretty helpful. I was just doing a similar search to the one you must of been doing and this WF thread popped up. Also in the case that anyone else does a similar search and stumbles upon this thread like I did, try this link out. Hope this helps!


    YouTube Video Formats

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