==> Video responses on WF, anyone?

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Hi Warriors...

I need to ask you if we can post a Youtube video as a response to somebody's questions when we want to reply?

Sure we can do that, but does Allen mind if we do that everytime?

I think there are some major benefits of doing that...

That are pretty obvious.

I know only Allen has an answer to that one, but what is your stance on it?

Allen...He is one good guy, and I think he will allow everything that adds value to the forum... Isn't it Allen?

Lemme know whatya think...
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    hey Guys, I am actually looking forward to seeing some replies from you... I am sure you can see the value in posting videos... They are easier to create and you can deliver a massive amount of value to the OP. You can show them step by step what you mean....

    So doesn't it just make sense?
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      You'd think a guy like me who is so much into video would think that is a cool idea...

      I don't

      I hate it when people reply to an email conversation with a video when the answer is only a few sentences or paragraphs.

      Forum threads are best scanned quickly by the eyes because there are so many answers not worth reading let along watching and listening to.

      Write some text and then accompany it with a video that would enhance your answer if it needs enhancement and cannot be quickly and easily answered with a bit of text.

      Or you can test it your self and try just posting video responses and see what kind of discussion you are able to get.

      It makes it impossible for people to quickly quote you in their posts which is a key part of discussion here as well.

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